Leadore ID to Lima MT

Leadore, ID, to Lima MT
8:00am- 3 liters from Leadore.
6:00pm- 3 liters from spring east of the Divide. (Bleach)
6:20pm- Thunderstorm.
10:00pm- Thunderstorm.

8:00am- dumped out 1/2 liter of water.
11:30am- 1 liter from Morrison Lake. (Bleach)
5:15pm- out of water.
7:00pm- brief thunderstorm.
8:25pm- 1 liter from Rock Creek. (Bleach)
9:10pm- 2 liters from outlet of small lake feeding Rock Creek. (Bleach)

11:15am- 1 liter from Tendoy Creek. (Bleach)
1:30pm- 1 liter from Nicholia Creek. (Bleach)
7:45pm- 2 liters from stream along Medicine Lodge Road. (Bleach)

11:30am- 1 1/2 liter from Buffalo Spring.
3:30pm- Thunderstorm, briefly.
7:00pm- 2 liters from Sawmill Creek.

8:00am- 2 liters from Little Beaver Creek. (Bleach)
9:00am- 1/2 liter from Shineberger Creek. (Bleach)
4:00pm- dumped out 1/2 liter of Shineberger Creek water. 1 liter from spring near Modoc Creek. (Bleach)
10:00pm- 1 liter from town of Lima, MT.

2 1/2 liters from Lima, MT.



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