Lima, MT to Mack’s Inn, ID

10:00am- 2 liters from Lima, MT
6:50pm- 2 liters from small pond north of Divide. (Filter)

9:50am- 1 liter from Rock Spring. (Bleach)
1:30pm- 1 liter from Salamander Creek. (Bleach)
7:45pm- 1 liter from Scalp Creek. (Bleach)
8:40pm- 1 liter from Odell Creek. (Bleach)

7:15am- 1 1/2 liter from Odell Creek. (Bleach)
4:00pm- 1 liter from spring on south side of Divide. (Bleach)
8:15pm- 4 liters from spring near head of Hell Roaring Creek, rumored to be most remote source of Missouri/Mississippi River system. (Bleach)

1:00pm- 1/2 liter from Sawtelle, ID.
5:00pm on- 2 liters from Mack’s Inn, ID.


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