Chama, NM to Cuba, NM


2 liters from Chama, NM.

6:20 pm- 1 liter from small stream on Hwy 17 between mile markers 15 and 16.  (Bleach)

Note: At this point I have split off from the group I was hiking with due to differing opinions on pace and route.



I awoke to find that most of my water was undrinkable due to being frozen.

10:15 am- 1 liter from some hunters on Hwy 17.

4:45 pm- 2 liters from Dixie Creek.  (Bleach)



10:50 am- 1 liter from Rio Brazos.  (Bleach)

5:20 pm- 2 liters from Lagunitas Creek.  (Bleach)



10:30 am- 1 liter from Rio San Antonio.  (Bleach)

6:45 pm- 2 ½ liters from Hopewell Lake outlet.  (Bleach)



9:40 am- dumped out ½ liter of Hopewell Lake water, took 1 ½ liters from spring southeast of Rock Creek.  (Bleach)

5:00 pm- 2 ½ liters from piped spring northeast of Canoras Spring.  (Bleach)



12:00 pm- 3 liters from Harris Bear Spring.  (Bleach)

5:30 pm- ½ liter bottled water from hunters near junction of Forest Roads 137 and 139.



2 liters from Ghost Ranch.



3 liters from Ghost Ranch.

6:45 pm on- Rain and thunderstorms.



10:30 am- 2 liters from stream in Ojitos Canyon.  (Bleach)

6:20 pm- 2 ½ liters from Rio Capulin (in Cecelia Canyon).  (Bleach)



2:00 pm- 1 liter from Rio Puerco.  (Bleach)

7:00 pm- 1 liter from town of Cuba, NM.


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