Pie Town, NM to Mexican Border


2 ½ liters from Pie Town, NM.



3 liters from Pie Town, NM.



3 liters from Pie Town, NM.



2 ½ liters from Pie Town, NM.

11:45 am- ½ liter from a cache at Fur and Feathers animal shelter.

5:00pm- 4 liters from a well 17 miles south of Pie Town on Ed Jones Road. 

Note: After Pie Town I began walking with a group of hikers that I had met earlier in the trip (trail names Lush, Manparty, and the Captain).  We had occasional road support for a few days from H-Bomb, a visiting hiker.



12:00 pm- 1 liter from Valle Tio Vinces spring.  (Bleach)

5:15 pm- 3 liters from a well/cattle trough in Tularosa Canyon.  (Bleach)



1:30 pm- ½ liter Tularosa Canyon water from Captain.

6:00pm-  1 liter bottled water supplied by H-Bomb.



3 ½ liters bottled water.



1:00 pm- Thunderstorm.

4:50 pm- 1 liter from Gila River.  (Bleach)

6:00 pm- 2 liters from Gila River.  (Bleach)

Rain and thunderstorms throughout night.



2:15 pm- 1 liter from Gila River.  (Bleach)

8:00 pm- 1 liter bottled water from H-Bomb.



2 ½ liters bottled water.

8:30 pm- ½ liter from Little Toad Creek Inn at intersection of NM 15 and 35.

We had been following the Gila River, but were advised that the southern section after the Gila Cliff Dwellings was dangerous and impassible due to flood damage caused by unusual amounts of rain earlier in the year, so we elected to walk roads until we could meet up with the trail again.


2 liters of bottled water

8:00 pm- 2 liters from Mimbres Valley Fire Station.



11:30 am- 3 ½ liters from East Canyon.  (Bleach)

7:40 pm- 1 liter from spring north of the Divide and west of Hillsboro Peak.  (Bleach)



2:40 pm- 1 liter from piped spring.  (Bleach)

5:30 pm- 3 liters from Berrenda Creek.  Full of nasty algae.  (Strained through bandana, and bleach)



11:30 am- 1 liter from windmill driven well near Macho Road due east of Greg Hills.  (Bleach)  Captain informs me that I don’t ever seem to carry enough water.

9:00 pm- 3 liters from big tank southwest of Hyatt Ranch along old Butterfield Stagecoach route.  (Bleach)



12:00 pm on- 2 liters from Deming, NM.



2 ½ liters from Deming, NM.

Rain, sleet, and snow throughout day, snow overnight.



Snow in the morning.

3 liters from Deming, NM.



10:30 am- 2 liters from Willie Pritchard’s house, corner of Waterloo Road and NM 11.

2:30 pm- 1 liter from town of Columbus, NM.



10:00 am- 2 liters from Columbus, NM.

2:00 pm- Reached Mexican Border at Puerto Palomas.



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