Some words about water treatment

It occurs to me that I should mention something about what I do to make found water safe to drink.  You see, sometimes water in the back country contains various protozoa or parasites that can make you heinously sick!  So water usually needs to be boiled, filtered, or laced with chemicals in order to kill the very tiny microorganisms.  Boiling water is time consuming and requires one to carry a lot of fuel, so I either use a filter or put bleach in the water.  I indicate which method I’ve used after every entry, and if there’s nothing indicated, that means I didn’t treat it.  Bleach is the easiest way to treat water (although you have to wait 20 minutes before drinking; a long time if you’re thirsty) so as I became lazier or more pressed for time, this became the method I used most often.  I kept the filter around for times when the water looked really nasty, or when I became paranoid that I might be slowly poisoning myself with chemicals.  Or when I didn’t want to wait for the bleach.


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