This is a blog about water.  And drinking it.  And thinking about it.  And wondering where it comes from.  When will I see it next?  How much should I collect today?  Who else is using the water from the same places I am?

I don’t normally think about these things every day, but now I will.  I’ve decided to take a very long walk, and will be attempting to hike from Canada to Mexico through the mountains along the Continental Divide Trail.  Water falls on the Divide and tries to make its way to the Pacific Ocean or to the Atlantic Ocean.  Along the way it will be intercepted by people, animals, agriculture, seep down into the ground or rise up through evaporation.  Some of it will be intercepted by me, and that interception will be recorded here.  All the water that I drink or use during the hike.  (Does beer count??  Soda?  Hmmmmmm)

Do you have thoughts about water?  Comments are encouraged, particularly if you would like to provide information or opinion about a particular water source.  I’ll be updating and adding comments when I have cell coverage/ internet access, which may not be often.

Disclaimer: This is more of an art project than a science project.  I will be providing information, but it may not be accurate, useful, or make sense.

Photo credit: Kirk Snyder

Photo credit: Kirk Snyder




One thought on “About

  1. What a neat project!!! Celebrating the magical liquid, vapor, solid that is our everyday salvation. Once i almost passed away from too little, and another time almost had the same result from something bad that it carried. Wonderful, Wonderful, Water!

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